Donald Trump to Bill Maher: I’m a chump, not a chimp!

Donald Trump claims he is suing Bill Maher.  Yawn. Each day this story continues to grow legs, is another day I lose brain cells reading it.  To state the obvious – Donald Trump needs to get a life.  I really don’t know how this man makes money, when it would appear that all he spends ...Read More

Paul Ryan: The CRYAN’ Game

I want proof that Kathy Wakile from The Real Housewives of NJ isn’t just Paul Ryan dressed in drag.  I mean, not that I would care either way. I think people should be free to be who they are – even if it entails sporting fake eyelashes and wearing tacky clothing.  Plus, I just wouldn’t ...Read More

Todd Akin: FAUXcreation

In the wake of Rep. Todd Akin’s insane remarks, everyone is focusing on the word ‘legitimate’.  Understandable.   But why isn’t anyone highlighting Mr. Akin’s complete lack of knowing the fundamentals of procreation.   In layman’s terms Todd, that means ‘how babies are made.’  I would like to meet these doctors that advised Rep. Akin of the ...Read More